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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer fabric has arrived!

This is some of the gorgeous new fabrics that have just arrived for A Lillie Bug's summer range!

I am so excited to be creating for summer as when I started A Lillie Bug in March this year I had no idea that I would be so flat out and preparing for another season!

I was so chuffed when I received my first 'big' order this week. One person ordered 5 outfits.......busy busy busy!

I wonder are others preparing for the new summer season??

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Much Love Monday

I have to say I am feeling the love today!
Princess Amelia started day care today and I am missing her like crazy!
She is probably having a great time with her brother and 2 other boys but god I miss her. She has only just started weaning off the breast and only has a sip morning and night so it seemed appropriate that she can start!
My original plan was to go back to the farm and help with milking etc but "A Lillie Bug" has boomed and I have spent the day sewing.
Okay I am going to pick her up half hour early!

Willunga Almond Blossom Festival

Today was a glorious day in Willunga SA! The sun was shining, the kids were excited, as we were heading over to Willunga to the Annual Almond Blossom Festival.
Sunday is dedicated as a family fun day and that we did!
Me and Riley on the Skydiver!!! aghhhhhhhhh!

Very tired kids at the end of the day

Lunch break

Not sure what was so funny!

Good ole Clowns!

Byron was so scared but he did it 4 times!

Byron and I

Amelia and Pappa and the old cars

Riley and my sister Jade

Waiting for Dad and Aunty Jade to get some money so we can go in!
Our old boss and my Brett

Side shows, rides, donuts, old cars....oh its so much fun! And so tiring!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Followers have re appeared!

Well amazing!
It seemed that for the last couple of weeks my list of followers on my blog had disappeared!
They have returned!
Has anybody else ever had this problem?

The bibs I love

The First lot of waterproof bibs ready to go!

The Second Mickey bib

The first Mickey bib

Watermelon Bib

The Rocket bib

I absolutely love these new bibs I have been making!
The bold colours are fantastic!
I was so happy to find the bright coloured towel.
The Mickey ones were a special order and I am happy to try any design.
Oh I have so so so many ideas in my head!

Friday, July 16, 2010

New lounge!

we got our new lounge and I am so so happy!
Its the first new lounge I have ever had.

Its so comfy but I really don't think i get to use it as much as every one else in this house!

Brett chose the mat and I must admit that I was very impressed with it!

Now to look after it and stop all the kids from eating and drinking on it!

Oh in case anyone was interested we got it from Harvey Norman.

Cant wait to see it in our new house!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Billy Mac hoodies!

We got our new hoodies for Byron and Amelia from on Friday!
Amelia's has her name across the back...its stunning! And Byron has a new light blue combi hoody but he thinks its a school bus! He loves it!
Photographing a new skirt I made this week! This young heifer is in the paddock next to our house where there has been alot of mating action going on recently! (piggy back rides Byron tells us!) She showed many signs of being on heat! One being how inquisative she was about this skirt! Perhaps she would like one! Picture that!!! All 80 of these heifers in the paddock with twirly skirts on! hahahahahahaha

Relationships and the full moon

Gee wizz...sometimes relationships with the opposite sex can be sooooo challenging! We have had such a tough week and when I look up at the night sky I realise its a full moon. This does cause everyone to go nuts.... I try and be normal and stay calm but MAN it can have a strong force sometimes!
Does anyone else agree with these strange changes the moon can make to us? What does it do to you or how does it effect your household?
I have always noticed it with my children...first I thought the waking during the full moon was because of the bright light shining in but after installing blockout blinds I discovered its not  or choose not to hear meits more than that! What is it...I had this thought once that it could be to do with the water as it seems to pull the tide out somewhat and our bodies are a majority water! silly maybe but sometimes I look to science to proove a fact!
Any way for two days we argued about nothing in particular.....very similar to PMT time but its not! Now we are back in total love again! Relationships are the weirdest thing!
Thank god I have found some one who 'I think' accepts that this is all a part of life and growing old together aven though he doesnt say it (as hes the opposite sex and they dont seem to be to flash at expressing verbally)
Anyway this little hiccup has lead me to think about making some positive changes...first try to take on the Monks philosophy and try not to yell! I find it a tough one as i get frustrated when the kids and Brett dont hear me but I am going to try really hard!
Please post your ideas on this!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Much Love Monday

A special blogging buddy has suggested I join her in celebrated Mondays and listing reasons why my Mondays was so love filled!
Why dont you join me?
My Monday today was filled with love when-
-Amelia put her little 10mth old arms around my neck, burried her head and said ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!
-I stayed in my pj's all day..hehehehehe, got heaps done though, just no shower yet.
-Tyson, my 15 year old came in the kitchen tonight and helped me make cho chip biscuits. xx
-Brett, my fiance showed me so much appreciation for looking after him while hes had gastro.<3 <3 <3

I am sure there was much much more but thats enough for n ow! i would love to read about your much love monday!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Lillie Bug: Mums & Bubs Market - Goodwood SA

A Lillie Bug: Mums & Bubs Market - Goodwood SA

Mums & Bubs Market - Goodwood SA

Yesterday I took the kids and mother in law to check out this market I had heard all about. And it was really good. People are selling handmade and second hand chidrens wares. I got some great wooden puzzles for Byron and a beautiful crotchet beanie for Amelia that she wont keep on!
I would love to sew enough outfits etc to be a part of this market and join the other sellers....but I think my made it store is keeping me busy enough...if I do much more I might need to knock the M off the end of WAHM and that is not the idea of working from home! Maybe sometime in the future!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mean Green Nappy Give away!

This is the nappy that I gave away for the May Competition!
Congrats Essiepoo!!!
Hope Little Patrick gets lots of wear out of it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


To celebrate our recent My Child advert we are giving one lucky buyer a chance to win a $100 voucher!!

Simply buy from our My Child advertisers (see below) and you could win a $100 madeit voucher to spend at any of the stores in the ad. Giveaway runs from the 3rd June (today) to the 17th June. Winner will be picked via!

Remember you must buy from one of the sellers listed at Madeit Blog over the next 2 weeks to be entered into the giveaway. Every purchase from the listed sellers including A Lillie Bug store is an entry!!!!
Make 5 purchases get 5 entries!

Wow I am so excited about this! Madeit really likes to support its stores!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Competition Winner

I have drawn the competition for a fitted Bamboo nappy!
I only had 3 people to put in the draw so that was a 1 in 3 chance of winning! Easy hey?
Well unfortunatly there was 2 other people that left a comment but didnt become a follower! Remember you must do both..become a follower of my blog and leave at least 1 comment in the month!
And the winner is
Congratulations! Please email me on and tell me the age/size/weight/sex of the child you know that will appreciate a gorgeous new MCN with bamboo soakers!


Today I was involved in a Modern Cloth Nappy Random act of Kindness...a RAOK!
It was so much fun! And I gave 3 nappies away and have some coming to much fun!
Sandy McNamara
A Lillie Bug - Children's Playwear
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Child Magazine ad!

Wow I advertised a small ad in 'My Child' magazine and its on the shelf today!
Very exciting!! And I havent even seen it yet!
Has any body seen it?

To celebrate my advertisement in ‘My Child’ magazine that goes on sale on 19th May in all great newsagents….

• Buy 3 nappies get one FREE

• 2 long-sleeve bibs for $25

• Buy 4 nappies get a free waterproof bag!

• Free head band to match all dresses purchased

All specials expire June 15th 2010 and you must email your enquiry for me to set up a discount listing for you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Byrons 3rd Birthday party

We celebrated Byrons 3rd birthday at the park at Yankalilla yesterday! It was a clear sunny day, absolutly gorgeous weather!
He got given so many beautiful gifts and has been so bust playing with them all today! Thank you every one who came!
It seems 3 must be the age when they start to understand what all this hype is about!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Nappies are ready!

Finally I have perfected my nappy pattern and have them for sale at I have had a suggestion to advertise in the hospital maternity wards!!! mmmm thinking how to go about it!
They are looking fantastic and working perfectly! Below is a littlt bit about them!

Fitted Bamboo Nappies – by a Lillie Bug

This is a waterproof, stylish fitted cloth nappy that comes complete with-

• 6 thirsty layers of bamboo fleece

• A stay dry suede cloth or microfleece layer

• Easy colour coded press snaps

• 2 separate but secured soaker pads
• 5 adjustable sizes per nappy
• An outer breathable waterproof layer

After 4 children and lots of nappies! As you can imagine! I have tried so many different styles and really do think this is it!!! The best yet!

Byron is a 18kg nearly 3 year old with very chubby thighs and he fits the 3rd setting on the XL size with heaps of room! (hopefully he will stop wetting the bed soon!) The absorbency of 6 layers is good for him at night.

Amelia is 8 months old and weighs 9 ½ kg and she is on the 1st setting in the MED size, so that leaves plenty of room! She has not leaked through this size nappy yet!!!! Fingers crossed she won’t!

DYLAN IS 17 AND TYSON IS 15 AND THANK HEAVENS THEY DON’T NEED NAPPIES ANYMORE!!!!! (I used the old terry towelling square nappies, pins and pilchers for them!)

The sizes are NB S MED LG & XL and the colours really depend on how my mood feels at the time! But you can request something you like and As always I will do my best to make it for you.

I have donated one of them in medium to the Shoalhaven Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) to use it in their raffle to raise funds for a much needed new breast pump.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wet Bag Pattern for Diapers or the Beach

Wet Bag Pattern for Diapers or the Beach

I am so chuffed!!!

I today got the most appreciative email from a customer that baught this outfit!
This is what she wrote -
YAY!!!!!! It has arrived. My husband picked it up as he came home from work. It is just gorgeous!! Thank you so much for making it for us. It is so lovely to deal with someone who really cares about what they do. The results speak for themselves. It really makes a difference when clothes are handmade with care rather than looking like everyone else. I am definitely going to keep a look out in your store because I know how excellent your clothes are. I know that we will get lots of comments your beautiful creation.

Thank you again, I will leave some feedback on Made it no worries!!

Oh that just made my day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Link to a nappy site I like!

Links: "< a href=''>< img src='' width='240' height='108' alt='gbau' / >"

A Little request!

My sister in law who is one of the most beautiful people I know has asked if I could make her a pram liner to protect her expensive pram from spills and nappy leaks!
So today I searched the net and found a tutorial on a blog page! It was so easy and I think I might pop them in my store as I really do think all good prams/strollers deserve a good liner!!! hehehe Oh yeah!!!and its reversable! The side in this picture has butterflies and the other has flowers! So if it gets dirty I can flip it over til i get time to wash it!!!
I have tried to include the link for how to make them!! Hope that part works! If not try this Oh and Byron really enjoyed helping to measure the pram!