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Sandy McNamara
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Much Love Monday

I have to say I am feeling the love today!
Princess Amelia started day care today and I am missing her like crazy!
She is probably having a great time with her brother and 2 other boys but god I miss her. She has only just started weaning off the breast and only has a sip morning and night so it seemed appropriate that she can start!
My original plan was to go back to the farm and help with milking etc but "A Lillie Bug" has boomed and I have spent the day sewing.
Okay I am going to pick her up half hour early!

Willunga Almond Blossom Festival

Today was a glorious day in Willunga SA! The sun was shining, the kids were excited, as we were heading over to Willunga to the Annual Almond Blossom Festival.
Sunday is dedicated as a family fun day and that we did!
Me and Riley on the Skydiver!!! aghhhhhhhhh!

Very tired kids at the end of the day

Lunch break

Not sure what was so funny!

Good ole Clowns!

Byron was so scared but he did it 4 times!

Byron and I

Amelia and Pappa and the old cars

Riley and my sister Jade

Waiting for Dad and Aunty Jade to get some money so we can go in!
Our old boss and my Brett

Side shows, rides, donuts, old cars....oh its so much fun! And so tiring!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Followers have re appeared!

Well amazing!
It seemed that for the last couple of weeks my list of followers on my blog had disappeared!
They have returned!
Has anybody else ever had this problem?

The bibs I love

The First lot of waterproof bibs ready to go!

The Second Mickey bib

The first Mickey bib

Watermelon Bib

The Rocket bib

I absolutely love these new bibs I have been making!
The bold colours are fantastic!
I was so happy to find the bright coloured towel.
The Mickey ones were a special order and I am happy to try any design.
Oh I have so so so many ideas in my head!

Friday, July 16, 2010

New lounge!

we got our new lounge and I am so so happy!
Its the first new lounge I have ever had.

Its so comfy but I really don't think i get to use it as much as every one else in this house!

Brett chose the mat and I must admit that I was very impressed with it!

Now to look after it and stop all the kids from eating and drinking on it!

Oh in case anyone was interested we got it from Harvey Norman.

Cant wait to see it in our new house!